Top 10 Interview Questions & How to answer them.

In a two part series on the Top 10 Interview Questions and How to prepare to answer them, Sarah Rudston, does a great job at helping you prepare for your job interview.

Remember the most important question is:
“What questions do you have about the position and company?”

If you don’t answer that one correctly, the others don’t matter so much.

Top Interview Questions 1- 5 (Part I)
Top Interview Qeustions 6-10 (Part II)

Movember is Sabotaging My Career and My Marriage

I’ve been actively participating in Movember for over four years now and have finally come to the realization that it’s slowly sabotaging my career, along with my marriage. For those of you not familiar with Movember, it’s a yearly campaign where brave and caring men grow a mustache during the month of November (get it, Movember) in order to raise awareness and research funds for men’s health; specifically, prostate and testicular cancer.

Great cause– with horrible side effects.
Top 5 Negative Side Effects

  1. The constant wincing every time my wife witnesses my furry lip and the banishment to the couch for a month, resulting in sore back and delusional mind from watching too much late night TV
  2. My own kids… flesh and blood… refusing to be seen in public with their old man and his lip warmer
  3. Clients thinking I just escaped from San Quentin
  4. Boss thinking I’m about to go to San Quentin
  5. Gravy residue on my upper lip every Thanksgiving (okay, that’s actually a positive).

Even the dog tends to look at me in disgust.

And what irks me the most is the double standard, compared to my second (okay, first) favorite cause: breast cancer awareness. Walk into an interview, donning a pink ribbon and kudos to you: “When can you start?” Walk into interview sporting a stylish ‘stache: “Sorry this position is for a ‘legitimate’ job,” and security is summoned to escort you up of the building.
movember image
Furthermore, make a reference regarding breast cancer awareness slogans (e.g. Saving Second Base, Breast Friends Forever, The Rack Pack), and it’s cute and adorable: “He’s so considerate and caring.” Make a reference about saving male parts (e.g. Nut Out Cancer, Team Nads, Balls on a Mission, Mustache Ride), and you’re labeled a deviant pervert. “Don’t let him near your kids. Didn’t you hear, he just got out of San Quentin?”

Let me throw down some alarming fact from the American Cancer Society:

Testicular cancer will occur in 1 out of 270 males, usually between the prime age of 15 to 35. In the U.S., prostate cancer will occur in 1 out of 6 men, and breast cancer will occur in 1 out of 8 women. Yes, you read that right. There is a higher chance of men getting prostate cancer than women getting breast cancer. Despite that fact that prostate cancer has a higher occurrence, breast cancer awareness has significantly more recognition and support. Since my patent-pending idea of a brown ribbon isn’t getting much traction, I’m stuck with a squirrel hibernating on my lip to raise awareness.

I’m no statistician (I just play one in real life), but those are some shocking figures. Whether it’s breast, testicular, or prostate cancer, there are two important facts: 1) all three cancers can be deadly, and 2) early detection results in an extremely high survival rate.

So whether you wear pink, sport a ‘stache, or are brave enough to rock a pink ‘stache, get yourself checked, force your loved ones to get checked, and LIVE! If your employer or your significant other frowns upon your pink cardigan or your handsome handlebar ‘stache, educate them until they understand. If only one person is cured from an early diagnosis because she/he asked, “What’s that going on with your lip,” it’s all worth it.

Personal Note:

For me, both testicular and breast cancer have hit too close to home. My grandfather died of testicular cancer while my grandmother was pregnant with my father. He was on his way to WWII when finally diagnosed, it was far too late, the cancer spread, and he passed away at the Alameda Naval Air Station Hospital. And this year, the love of my life kicked breast cancer in the ass. It started with early detection from a routine checkup and ended cancer-free a few months later.

Track my mo-progress at –and please get checked!

More information about Movember and the great work being done, visit

Full disclosure: For the record, my current employer, Mitchell International, fully supports my participation in Movember. And my wife–although she supports me, fighting for this cause–wishes that I didn’t have to look like a porn star for a month to do it.

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